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When we first got the diagnosis, we didn’t know what this was going to mean for our daughter. Were there going to be good things that come from this? Was she just going to struggle for the rest of her life? These were all questions that ran through our mind. One of...

Unexpected Changes

When we found out our daughter's diagnosis, we didn't think it would change much. We thought school things would change and obviously reading would be harder, but that would be it. We soon realized we were wrong. I immediately started reading and researching all I...

How We Told Our Daughter

After the screeners and the case conference, we felt a sense a relief. We now knew what was causing her struggles. But now we had to tell our daughter... We had mentioned to her before she took the screeners that she was taking them to see if she was dyslexic. She...

The Next Step…Case Conference

After our daughter had finished all of the screeners and the Intervention Specialist from the school system had gathered all the data, a case conference was scheduled. We met with the Intervention Specialist, Principal, teacher, and her intervention teacher. The...

How our journey started

We have three children. Our oldest has never had any struggles when it comes to learning. He is in advanced classes in english, language arts, and math. He started reading in preschool and just continued to advance. Our middle child, our daughter, isn't the same. When...

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